Quarterly Johne's Testing Service


NMR's HerdWise Johne's Screening programme has been established to provide the tools for vets and their farmers to control infection and ultimately reduce the prevalence of Johne's disease in the dairy herd.

Participating herds will test all lactating cows up to four times per year using a milk antibody ELISA and results will be used for risk-based management of infectious animals.

By using a risk-based approach it is hoped that farmers will be able to implement effective management decisions to control spread of infection within the herd. It is important that the farmer and vet work together to carry out a risk-assessment which will help with identification of transmission risk areas and as such this programme is only available to farmers through their consulting veterinary surgeon.

Entering into the screening programme requires commitment from both the vet and the farmer. Due to the nature of the disease it is likely that the programme could last between 5-8 years however much depends on the initial disease prevalence and the successful implication of management changes on farm.

Please click here to access our Johne's Guide to Surveillance.

How to Join HerdWise

To join NMR's HerdWise Johne's Screening programme please click here to download the order form.


The results of the HerdWise scheme can be found using Herd Companion. The HerdWise reports provide you with up-to-date information about individual cows which have been tested through the scheme in the last 18 months which are also split into the relevant Johne's risk groups. NML have also developed a new historic report. This report shows every result for every cow ever tested using the HerdWise scheme. This report aims to help you with additional information about potential high risk animals in your herd. To find out how to access these reports please click here.

To find out more details and pricing information on HerdWise please contact customer services on 0844 725 5567 or email milk@nationalmilklabs.co.uk

HerdWise is the only milk based programme of its kind to have CHeCS approval for screening and eradication of Johne's disease (www.checs.co.uk).

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Quarterly Johne's Testing Service

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