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What is it?

An ad-hoc service for testing the herd for Johne’s disease and SCC. Prices start from 51p per cow/month

Why should you do it?

Johne’s disease may be present in your herd despite not seeing any clinical signs. It is a disease that causes considerable economic losses through reduced productivity due to increased SCC and mastitis, lameness, poor yields all of which lead to premature culling.

What are the benefits?

This service provides a cost effective alternative to core recording, it allows the farmer to test for Johne’s disease and SCC without the need to submit herd data.

What is involved?

The testing will be carried out using your adhoc individual milk samples.  You will need to let us know of any TB tests as there needs to be a minimum 42 day gap after a TB test before Johne’s testing can be carried out.

What happens next?

To sign up for this service, contact your local NMR field representative or call NMR customer services on 03330 043 043. Please ensure that you have discussed Johne’s management with your vet to make sure this service is right for your farm.  Should they require any further information about Johne’s testing options, we have two in-house vets who can offer support.