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What is it?

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can infect cattle, caused by two strains; Leptospira Hardjo or Leptospira Pomona. These two bacteria infect the kidney and the genital tract of cattle. A test for Lepto Hardjo can be performed on individual milk samples from £2.08 + VAT or via a bulk milk sample at £6.39 + Vat

Why should you test for it?

Transmission of Leptospira often involves direct contact with infected urine, placenta or milk. If you buy in cattle, your herd could be at risk from infected cattle entering the herd. Herds that operate mixed grazing, graze near watercourses or share a bull with another farm could be at risk from infection entering the herd.

What are the benefits of testing?

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection causing economic losses from infertility, abortion, poor milk yield and even death. Knowing the status and potential risk of an outbreak will help you decide what action to take and react quickly.

What is involved?

The tests are performed by an ELISA test and can be performed on milk recording samples or separate samples sent in using one of our testing kits.
The testing can be carried out on a quarterly basis or ad-hoc. It is best to discuss your requirements with your vet to assess which option best suits your herd.

What happens next?

To test your next available bulk milk sample, simply call or email us in the office. Alternatively, fill out the form opposite and someone from the office will contact you shortly to arrange the testing. 
01902 749 920
All results are reported on Herd Companion and can also be sent via email or post as well.

For individual cow samples:
If you’re an NMR recording customer, simply discuss the options with your NMR representative to bolt on the testing to your recording samples.
Or, if you’d like to take some additional samples yourself before your next milk recording, then please call the office on 01902 749920 to arrange the testing and we’ll send you a sampling kit.