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Liver Fluke

What is it?

Liver Fluke is a parasitic infection causing weight loss, reduced yields and diarrhoea. Tests can be performed on bulk milk samples or individual serum samples from £3.48 +Vat.

Why should you do it?

If you graze cattle then they could be at risk from liver fluke. The risks are higher in the late summer and autumn during mild wet temperatures.

What are the benefits?

Using milk to monitor for presence of liver fluke will help determine if further diagnostic tests are required before embarking on a treatment plan. Knowing the status and potential risk of an outbreak will help you decide what action to take and react quickly.

What is involved?

The testing can be carried out on a quarterly basis or ad-hoc. It is best to discuss your requirements with your vet to assess which option best suits your herd.

What happens next?

To test your next available bulk milk sample, simply call or email us in the office. Alternatively, fill out the form opposite and someone from the office will contact you shortly to arrange the testing. 
01902 749 920

All results are reported via email or post.