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What tests are available?

The testing involves looking for antibody production and is performed on individual cow milk from £2.08 +Vat or via blood samples from £3.18 + Vat. We do not recommend testing for Neospora through bulk milk samples due to the sensitivity of the test.

What are the benefits and should you do it?

Cattle infected with Neospora are more likely to abort or produce a still born calf. Cows infected with Neospora will not exhibit clinical signs and as such the infection could go unnoticed.
Neospora can be controlled; infected cattle should be identified to avoid breeding from and culled to remove the infection.

What is involved?

The tests are performed by an ELISA test by either using your monthly milk recording samples, separate samples sent in using one of our testing kits or via blood sampling conducted through your vet.
The testing can be carried out pre-dry off, quarterly or on an ad-hoc basis. It is best to discuss your requirements with your vet to assess which option best suits your herd.

What happens next?

If you’re an NMR recording customer, simply discuss the options with your NMR representative to bolt on the testing to your recording samples.
Or, if you’d like to take some additional samples yourself before your next milk recording, then please call the office 01902 749920 or use contact form opposite to arrange the testing and we’ll send you a sampling kit

If you would like to test using blood samples, please contact your vet.