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Fatty Acids

What are they?

All fats are not created equal; the type and quantity can vary in milk. We’re able to measure the amount of saturated, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat in milk at a bulk and individual cow level.

What do they affect?

The type and quantity of certain fatty acids will affect the quality and characteristics of finished products such as cheese, cream and butters.

What are the benefits?

By measuring the levels of fatty acids in milk, it’s possible to decide which milks are ideal suited to producing certain products from.

What is involved?

Each bulk milk sample can be tested, whether it’s a payment or additional test, and the results will be reported online. The cost is £1 per sample for the fatty acid profile over and above the existing testing cost. To order, please email quoting your producer ID.

What happens next?

 All results will be available online in Herd Companion under the iReports section.