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Infiniplex For Milk

The InfiniPlex for Milk (IPM) is a multiple assay test for detecting medicine residues and other contaminants in milk.

Predominantly, it is used to detect antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicines, and flukicides. It can also be used to detect other potentially harmful compounds, such as melamine and aflatoxin M1.

The test can detect up to 43 different analytes, which cover 91 different antibiotic compounds, 11 different anti-inflammatory compounds, a flukicide and four other potentially harmful residues. This represents 98% of the antibiotics that have a MRL (Maximum Residue Level) established in milk, including Beta-lactams (penicillins and penicillin derivatives), tetracyclines, sulphonamides, macrolides, aminoglycosides and quinolones.

The test will detect all antibiotics that are currently licensed for use in milking cows as well as most other antibiotic compounds which are not licensed, or which are licensed for other (non-cattle) species.

For more information on Infiniplex for milk testing please contact us on 01902 749 920 or download the documents below:

Introduction to Infiniplex for Milk

Infiniplex for Milk full guidance notes