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Milk Quality Monitor

What is it?

A range of tests carried out on bulk milk samples that includes:
Bactoscan, SCC, Butterfat, Protein and Fatty Acids

Most samples are collected via our own transport network, delivered to one of our two labs to be tested and results are reported all within 24 hours.

Why is it necessary?

The traceability and assurance of the dairy supply chain is paramount to producing a top quality product for human consumption.

What are the benefits?

As a dairy producer, you’ll get a regular payment test from your milk purchaser. However, you could test the additional samples we have stored in our fridges to get more regular results. Keep a closer eye on milk quality by spotting any rises in SCC or Bactoscan sooner so you can act quickly to prevent and penalties. Equally, if butterfat or protein percentage falls, then there could be nutritional issues in the herd to address.

What is involved?

Tanker drivers collect a milk sample at every collection, which is then picked up from their depot by one of our drivers to be delivered into one of our labs. The sample may or may not be tested for payment purposes depending on the schedule set out for each milk purchaser. All samples are stored in our fridge for 5 days after collection before being thrown away on the 6th day.

​Antiobiotic testing is not carried out as standard on additional testing requests.

What happens next?

If you would like to order Milk Quality Monitor, then please contact us via phone, email or the Contact Us form opposite:
01902 749 920
Your milk purchaser will also be able to help.

Bulk milk results can be viewed via Herd Companion and will be reported in the same way as your usual payment results.