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Blood Testing

blood testing sample
We test for antibodies from blood samples for Johne’s, BVD, IBR-gE, Lepto, Liver fluke and Neospora. 

Furthermore, BVD antigen/virus can be detected in blood samples


It is necessary for vets to carry out blood extractions for live animals. Please use red-topped 6ml tubes, the submission form linked below and post as soon as possible after sampling.  Blood samples that are more than seven days old (from the date the sample is taken) are unsuitable for testing and will be rejected.  Check postal times or use a recorded service to ensure prompt delivery.


Samples should be posted to our Hillington lab: National Milk Laboratories plc, Hillington Park, Glasgow, G52 4LT.



Results will be sent to you and your veterinary surgeon for their detailed interpretation and you should then seek their advice on the best course of action. Results will give an indication of the level of infection within the herd, or can also be used on individual animals.

Contact Us

If you are a Vet and require more information or prices for our blood testing service please call us on
01902 749920.